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Here’s How You Can Avoid Gambler’s Fallacy

A lot has been said about Gambler’s Fallacy and how the term describes a belief that many consider to be vital. Since the truth about it eliminates the belief, it is important that you be aware of it all and look towards capitalising on things with ease.

So don’t go looking for gambling books to explore and understand Gambler’s Fallacy because we have a detailed write-up that will tell you about everything related to Gambler’s fallacy.

Gambler’s Fallacy – The Mistaken Belief

Before we get into the main part of this deal, it’s important to understand what this deal is about, i.e. Gambler’s Fallacy. What is Gambler’s Fallacy?

Gambler’s Fallacy is nothing but the mistaken belief that if an event occurred frequently, more than expected, then it is less likely to appear again in the future. It also works vice versa and players need to be away from such mistaken beliefs. It grabs the attention of the player and directs the same towards believing in a specific outcome.

So players will work towards achieving that, which could prove to be costly. For example, if a coin is tossed twice and the result is heads, players, if they are following Gambler’s Fallacy, will wait for the coin to be tossed for the third time and they will believe that the result will be tails.

Examining the Truth

The truth of the matter is plain and simple. Independent events and their future outcomes are unaffected by the past. So there’s no hard and fast rule that the coin will show tails just because it has frequently shown heads.

That is the truth and the belief that you need to have before going to play a game. Famous gamblers don’t become famous by following mistaken beliefs because they are aware of the impact that they can create.

While it is possible to avoid Gambler’s Fallacy, the process is not easy because there’s a certain psychology to it. Regardless of how the game is going or which casino dealer has come forward to play it, Gambler’s Fallacy could be in the back of your mind because it constructs a systematic pattern of deviation.

It takes you away from rationality and at times, you might not even realise it. If you take the concept and expand its belief, you will also realise that it can be referenced to the law of small numbers. For the unversed, the law of small numbers is another incorrect belief that small samples can be a representation of the kind of populations they are drawn from and is thus, similar to large samples.

Since Gambler’s Fallacy also has a small sample, the belief is incorrect and thus cannot be used as a proper example, especially when events are independent. So it is safe to avoid this strategy, which might even cost you a no deposit bonus or other such bonuses if the terms and conditions permit those.

Avoiding Gambler’s Fallacy

A mere understanding of the Gambler’s Fallacy is not enough to avoid it. However, you can look to avoid this belief by looking at its inability to provide what it stands for. The best example of the same is a pair of dice.

If you believe that a pair of dice will land on double 6’s in the upcoming roll after they have rarely landed on double 6’s or after they have previously landed on the same, you need to understand that an object like dice has no way of remembering the previous roll.

Moreover, a pair of dice aren’t exactly following your instructions because if they magically could, then we believe everyone would be expecting nothing but doubles 6’s. This is the right belief that destroys Gambler’s Fallacy and the kind of belief that you need to take while heading into mobile gambling or just going ahead to gamble in general.

The belief in randomness

You should always reserve some space in your mind for the belief in randomness. Most of the things that occur on the gambling table aren’t really happening because of what happened before. They are random and that is an important point that you need to remember.

From live casinos to mobile casino games, randomness is present in games and whatnot. With that belief, you will slowly detach yourself away from the Gambler’s Fallacy and look to focus on things that are important.

You can also look to utilise strategies that don’t have anything to do with Gambler’s Fallacy. They help you build a different plan and you can always utilise the same to the fullest. By doing so, you will be able to get yourself away from Gambler’s Fallacy and other aspects that should not be present at the gambler’s table.

However, in doing so, people have also gone ahead to look at other concepts, namely, Inverse Gambler’s Fallacy. The Inverse Gambler’s Fallacy is another mistaken belief that a random process is likely to occur many times in the past because the outcome of the same is known to be rare.

So along with the Gambler’s Fallacy, you also need to avoid Inverse Gambler’s Fallacy because, as we mentioned earlier, mistaken beliefs are not what you need to be after. Regardless of wherever you’re gambling, be it at the best online casino UK, you should not rely on beliefs that have no factual references.


From Gambler’s Fallacy to even Inverse Gambler’s Fallacy, there are a lot of concepts and beliefs that have been rolled into the concept of gambling. While some continue to believe it, we hope you don’t, after reading about them. Without the backing of these mistaken beliefs, you can play the game in a clear cut manner and look to get it all with ease.

So come on board and move beyond Gambler’s Fallacy because we have told you how to avoid them.

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Here’s How You Can Avoid Gambler’s Fallacy
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